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Graduation Requirements

Click the link below to access the 2021-2022 Course Catalog: 

Students who entered grade 9 after July 1, 2014, are the first to earn diplomas under the new graduation requirements. In addition to satisfying the high school curriculum requirements, students in Ohio must meet one of three existing pathways to earn a high school diploma. 


To support the transition to new requirements, the General Assembly approved temporary graduation options for students in the class of 2022. Recent legislation extended additional graduation options to the classes of 2019 and 2020. Please note, state law modified the criteria available for the class of 2020 and not all of the original criteria are available to students in the class of 2020.


The Department expects most students will meet one of the three existing pathways, and districts should continue to work with students, as appropriate, to meet these requirements. The additional options below provide an opportunity for students who do not otherwise meet one of the three existing pathways to graduation to earn a diploma.


Click here to learn more about the graduation options available for the class of 2019. 


Click here to learn more about the graduation options available for the class of 2020.


Click here to review frequently asked questions about the graduation options available for the classes of 2018-2020.

Current Ohio law requires students in the classes of 2021 and beyond to meet one of the original three pathways to qualify for a high school diploma. As an update, legislation also directs the Department to present a long-term proposal for graduation requirements for the classes of 2021 and beyond to the General Assembly by April 1, 2019.


Please review the guidance available at the links above. If you have questions about graduation requirements, call (614) 466-1317 or send an email to


 Ohio Department of Education

Southern High School Graduation Information

Students and parents are encouraged to carefully plan a program of studies that will assist them in reaching their educational and occupational goals. It is important that you select classes that fit your career plans. Southern High School Staff suggests that you: 

  • Review all requirements for graduation (including Award of Merit, Honors Diploma, etc); 
  • Utlizing the Course Catalog Link found on the High School Page
  • Use and follow the course planner (this form can be obtained by clicking the link below); 

userfiles/9/SHS Course Planner.docx

Parents and students are responsible for seeing that the requirements for graduation are completed. Southern High School will make every effort to maintain current records and to keep students and parents informed about the status of progress toward completing the necessary coursework for graduation requirements. It is each student's and parent's responsibility to be acquainted with the necessary requirements to meet this goal.

2018 & Beyond Graduation Requirements 

Please click above link to view new requirements

2018 & Beyond Options for High School Diploma 

Please click above link to view a slide presentation about Options for a High School Diploma