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Southern Scholarships

Dr. Melanie Weese, Mrs. Kathryn Hart and Mr. Gordon Fisher will be at Southern High School
in March of 2016.
to speak to ALL seniors about Southern and RACO Scholarships.

Those scholarship applications will be due in April of 2016

Applications for the scholarships listed below will be passed out at this time. 

***Applications may change between now and when they are passed out when Dr. Weese, Mrs. Hart and Mr. Fisher visit.

It is best not to complete these until after you know the new applications are the same!***
If you need another copy of the applications, please click the links below:

Racine Southern Scholarship Application 

                                                    available in March

RACO Scholarship Application

                                                                  available in March

Racine Southern Scholarships

Scholarships that have been given in the past are:

The Helen Coast Hayes Scholarship ($400) This scholarship was established in the memory of Mrs. Helen Hayes who was born in the Great Bend area and had a life-long quest for learning. 

The George M. Sayre Scholarship ($400) This scholarship was established by Mrs. Dorothy Sayre in memory of her late husband. Mr. Sayre was a graduate of Souther High School and one of the school's most avid supporters.

The James Adams Memorial Scholarship ($500 each) This scholarship is in memory of Southern's long-time principal, Mr. James Adams.

The Edison Brace Memorial Scholarship ($500 each) This scholarship was established by Kathryn Hart in memory of her father.

Hilton Wolfe Junior Scholarship This scholarship is given in honor of Hilton Wolfe Junior and his dedication to the Southern Local School system.

Wayne O. Roush Scholarship This scholarship is in memory of Mr. Wayne Roush, a long-time community farmer and church member. This scholarship is given annually to a student who is actively involved with his or her church who demonstrates financial need.

Edith Jividen Scholarship This scholarship was established in honor of the Jividen Family Farmers and land owners in Racine.

The Racine Southern Alumni Scholarship ($500 each) This scholarship is available to any Southern High School senior whose parent or grandparent graduated from Racine Southern High School. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the student must serve at the alumni banquet his/her junior year and be present at the alumni banquet his/her senior year. Students must indicate parent/grandparent graduation information on the application for this scholarship. * Contact: Mr. Gordon Fisher, Founder of the Southern Scholarship Assocation. 

The Racine Area Community Organization (RACO)

Scholarships that have been given in the past are:

The following scholarships have ONE application. This application will be handed out in the spring (probably March) and will need to be returned to Miss Cline on the date indicated on the application form.

These scholarships were established in Racine, Ohio in January 1993. The recipient shall be, at this time, a graduating senior at Southern High School and shall be continuing their education beyond the high school level. The recipient must be a 2014 graduate of Southern High School. Checks will be made payable to the appropriate college and will be presented t the student at the RACO Scholarship Dinner.

In the Past, the following scholarships have been offered:

  • Up to 10 RACO Scholarships at $600.00 each
  • 3 Edison Brace Memorial Scholarships at $500.00 each
  • 2 Jim Adams Memorial Scholarships at $500.00 each
  • 1 Clarence & Ruth Bradford Memorial Scholarship at $500.00 
  • 5 Crusin' Saturday Night Care Show Scholarships at $1,000.00 each (sponsored by Hill's Classic Cards, Home National Bank, and Gatling, LLC)
  • 1 Clarence Frank Memorial Scholarship at $500.00 
  • 1 Frank Cleland Memorial Scholarship at $500.00
  • 1 David B.Sayre Memorial Scholarship at $100.00

Contact RACO- Kathryn Hart or Dr. Melanie Weese. 

Other Southern High School Scholarships

The following scholarships have separate applications that can be found online, in the High School Office or as otherwise listed on the applications. Not all scholarships will be available each year. Please pay careful attention to the instructions and deadlines on each application as each scholarship will be different. These scholarships are listed in alphabetical order.

The American Red Cross Scholarship ($250) This scholarship is provided to Southern students because of Southern High School's chapter of National Honors Society's dedicated efforts in local blood drives. There is no formal application for this scholarship.

The Carleton Scholarship (amount varies each year) This scholarship is available to any student who is a resident of the Syracuse Community. Information about this scholarship and the application process will be in the newspaper towards te end of the school year/beginning of the summer.

The Creed James Scholarship ($2,000/year) This scholarship is available to ANY southern senior that lives in Lebanon Township and attends Ohio University. There is no formal application for this scholarship but student and parent must be able to provide prooof of residence (voter's registration, etc). Ohio University will contact the school to get a copy of the proof of residency. 

The Harold Roush and Bill McKelvey Scholarships ($100 each) These scholarships are in memory of Southern High School's outstanding FFA graduates. The scholarships go to graduating members of the Southern FFA. Currently, this application is passed out and returned to the FFA Advisor and Agriculture teacher, Mrs.Meeks. Please see her with questions.

The Ohio Academic Scholarship ($2,000/year) This scholarship goes to the top academic senior based on GPA and ACT score. There is no formal application for this process; the school counselor inputs the information on the state website. 

Reconnecting Youth Scholarship This scholarship is given to a senior who has successfully participated in the Reconnecting Youth Program at Southern High School. The funds of this scholarship are earned by the RY Variety Show that takes place every year. Contact: Amy Roush, RY Teacher.

The Southern National Honor Society Scholarship ($250) This scholarship is provided by Southern High School's chapter of National Honors Society (NHS). There is no formal application for this scholarship. Please see the NHS advisors for more information: Mrs.Ohlinger and Mr.Otto

The Southern Teachers Scholarship ($250) This scholarship is awarded to a Southern High School senior and provided by each high school that donates to this fund. This scholarship is not available every year. There is currently no formal application for this scholarship. 

OVEC - Kyger Creek Scholarship ($350) This scholarship is provided by the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation and is awarded to the student with the highest ACT science score. 

*Note: I will not have copies of all scholarship applications in my office, but if you do not have a printer at home I may be able to help you if you let me know which one you'd like me to print off. 

Please view the following links as well as the other Scholarship links on the left side of your page! -Parents guide to grants and scholarships